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Making Crypto &
ICO Management Easier

Managing multiple cryptocurrency portfolios has been a major pain for managers. Only so much can be accomplished using Excel sheets. This pain is over, with

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Figure out your total profit and even commission earned from a job well done, right from the dashboard.

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Jason Appleton

Co-Founder/Business Development

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Why MoonRunner
For Crypto Management?

Our goal is to offer everything an ICO/Crypto Manager needs, all under one platform and easily accessible.
  • Profit Loss Calculations In Real Time
  • Calculate your commission in real time.
  • Add ICO coins and Exchange Coins with ease
  • Latest news articles pertaining to the coins in each portfolio.
  • Charts and Graphs for visual presentation of your portfolios.
  • Show the difference in value of a coin against the value of what you used to purchase it.
  • Internal Wallet System to buy ICOs from within the platform. (Future Plan)
  • Backup your account to a file for safe keeping.
  • Client reports to keep them informed of your progress.

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Read our Whitepaper to better understand our project.



20,000,000 MOR

1 ETH = 1840 MOR

Phase 1: 50% Bonus

Phase 2: 25% Bonus

Hard Cap: 9,998 ETH


Using MetaMask and watch the token sale stats through the Oracles Network below.
Prototype Launch

Pre-Sale 1 50% Bonus

Token Sale 25% Bonus

Final Token Sale

Beta Test Launch

Wallet Integration

Just getting started.
  • Up to 10 Clients
  • OR $14.99 pm Paid With MoonRunner Tokens
Command Pilot
You're Getting There!
  • Up to 30 Clients
  • OR $39.99 pm Paid With Moonrunner Tokens
Now you're getting somewhere.
  • Up to 50 Clients
  • OR $59.99 pm Paid With Moonrunner Tokens

The MoonRunner (MOR) Token is a Utility Token used to discount the monthly subscription fee of our platform. We make no promise of a return on investment when purchasing the token, nor will MOR yield any dividends.